Amazon Prep Services

Amazon is a remarkable place when it comes to attracting new customers and boosting sales. The use of FBA - Fulfilment by Amazon offers reliable fast shipping and can make you a more reputable seller.

Downside of FBA – lack of flexibility

FBA Fulfilment requires your product to be prepared according to their standards so that it can be fulfilled when it arrives to Amazon fulfilment centers and without receiving any further complaints. If you don’t meet Amazon standards, you can be charged for this non-complying behavior, or situation may be even worse such as inventory might get refused and your seller account can get suspended.

Leave it to us

Do you need assistance in getting your products to fulfilment centers? If yes, you’ve landed the right place. Mailbox DTD is your reliable partner to get this job done. Just ship your product to our centers, and leave the rest for us. We will handle your products in a hassle-free manner. What’s more, you can send your big shipments; we will separate it and repackage your diverse products to ship them to various Amazon FBA facilities. This service can save you a lot of shipping costs.

Full service

Amazon FBA is right here to help your business grow by allowing your customers to access Free Shipping, Amazon Prime Two-Day Shipping, and many more. Such benefits cannot be enjoyed by you in case you fail to keep Amazon adequately stocked with your inventory. Mailbox DTD serves as your domestic partner for proper fulfilment to different Amazon FBA facilities. We also provide inventory management, remote warehousing, Amazon labeling and barcoding, and other services. Thus, we can ensure the good standing of your Amazon account. So rest assured, Amazon is not going to shut you down.

We prepare inventory for FBA in all dimensions

We are constantly striving to prepare inventory for FBA in all dimensions ranging from unloading containers, repacking of SKUs to labeling of different products with barcodes. Regardless of the size of the job, Mailbox DTD will meet all of the FBA requirements in a timely manner.

FBA Prep Services

Prepare inventory for FBA in all dimensions ranging from unloading containers, repacking of SKUs to labeling of different products with barcodes

  • Quality Control
  • Fragile Items
  • Case-packed and Boxed Units
  • Re-packaging
  • Labeling and Barcoding
  • Inventory Check
  • Poly Bagged Units
  • Inspection with Photos
  • Adult Products Preparations
  • Sets of Products

Amazon Prep Services

Our convenient interface allows you to monitor the process of receiving and checking of your inventory. If you sign up for Amazon Prep service, you can rest assured that your goods will meet Amazon standards and will not harm the reputation of your business. Quality control is our highest priority.

Streamlined shipping

In logistics, cross-docking refers to the process of unloading of materials from the arriving containers. Reloading of these materials to outbound carriers with few or no storage in the process is also a part of cross-docking.

It streamlines the supply chain process and also helps in cost reduction right from the origin point to the sale point. Inventory is delivered to our locations where our remote shipping agents relabel, and reorganize your inventory which is then shipped immediately.

Amazon Compliance

Of course, providing quality stock with great customer service will help to limit the number of returns required for an international business. However, even the best sellers will have to handle a return at some point when selling to somewhere with as many customers as America. And, for these businesses, a local USA return address is the best way to ensure fast and affordable returns services for their customers.

Dedicated Shipping Agent

Small business or start-ups may require sufficient attention, either if you want to gain traction or transition of your business into a full-fledged business. Just to help you with this task, Mailbox DTD will use its dedicated shipping agents.

We assign all our customers with dedicated shipping agents who welcome customers wholeheartedly and are always ready to listen and respond to their queries concerning their shipments. Our shipping agents are trained to be professional shipping specialists.

Our comprehensive training ensures that shipping agents answer all of your questions and provide the right advice. No matter if you are using Amazon FBA or FBM, Mailbox DTD. can help you with inventory management and fulfilment.

Customized Packing is Possible

We offer you custom packing procedures that cater a wide range of your needs. Whether you aggregate products from external vendors or you just strip away bulk packing of arrived products, we are here to remove any blunders like needless wrapping or packaging.

What’s more, we can repack your products if it is necessary. Sometimes we receive products that require modifications. And we will also take care of that.

It’s the best way we know to reduce the expensive rates of international shipping, up to 80% in some cases

Why pay for multiple packages to be shipped when you can just pay for one? At Mailbox DTD, we believe in consolidation. And we’ll handle the whole process, including the unpacking, sorting, repacking, and getting ready for delivery.

Sign up for Amazon Prep Service to ensure your goods go through the highest possible level of quality control!