Mail Forwarding

Register for a virtual American address. Some of online U.S. retailers will not ship overseas and others will charge for this more than normal. Using your U.S.-based address will allow you to purchase products from top brands and procure from U.S.-based suppliers

Make your own virtual U.S address

Many U.S. retailers will not ship overseas, and the ones that do can have exorbitant shipping costs. With your own virtual U.S. address, you can easily make purchases from thousands of online retailers in the U.S.

Get discounts like U.S. client

Access to U.S. stores also means access to the kinds of awesome discounts and great clearance sales that are usually only available to U.S. customers. Lots of brands save their best deals for U.S. clients, but with Mailbox DTD’s mail forwarding service you get the same local access.

Convenient management system

Use your online account to manage your shipments, photos, deliveries, invoices, and orders, all from one convenient account.

Save money with our services

With low shipping costs and easy consolidation services, you can save even more money with efficient shipping.

Mailbox DTD isn’t just for packages

You can also use your U.S. address to receive correspondence. Our agents will scan your mail into our online portal, where you’ll be able to read it online or forward mail to another address.


The choice of carriers is entirely yours

We work with DHL, FedEx, USPS, and UPS to offer cost-effective rates and reliable, quality shipping services. When you work with Mailbox DTD, you’re getting the benefit of exclusive contracts we have negotiated with top shipping carriers. That’s why our shipping rates are so dramatically lower than our competitors and even lower than standard retailer shipping costs. These great rates are the direct result of the thousands of dollars of business we send these carriers every month. It’s a win–win situation that saves our customers hundreds in expensive shipping costs. And when you ship in bulk, you could qualify for even greater savings.

How It Works


Shop the Best Stores

Register for a virtual American address. Some of online U.S. retailers will not ship overseas and others will charge for this more than normal. Using your U.S.-based address will allow you to purchase products from top brands. You’ll also receive access to our shipping management portal, through which you can schedule delivery services, track packages, download photos of your goods and take advantage of premium services.

An example of what your address may look like: Any Name, 3125 Archwood Avenue, Wilmington, Delaware


Sign Up for a Free U.S. Address

With your U.S.-based address, you’re free to shop from any U.S.-based retailers, including vendors that may not ship internationally or to your country. When checking out, use the U.S. address as the shipping address. You’ll be able to send multiple purchases to this address, where a local shipping agent will receive them and can even combine the packages before shipping them to you, saving you even more on costly shipping rates.


Get Products Shipped to Your Door

Use our intuitive shipping portal to choose carriers and set up delivery options. Once your packages have been consolidated by our shipping agent, your final package can be sent anywhere in the world. Consolidating can also save you big on shipping costs, up to 80% in some cases.

  • Shop products from U.S. retailers with a free United States address, and have them shipped right to your door, around the world
  • Receive packages at your virtual U.S. address under any name
  • Shop all the top brands and most popular products from online retailers in the U.S.
  • Get low prices and deep discounts that are usually only offered to American customers
  • Receive discounted rates from reliable major carriers internationally
  • Save up to 75% on international shipping rates
  • A network of shipping agents located throughout the U.S.
  • Get confirmation of the condition and contents from the shipping agent
  • Choose locations and states with low taxes and cheaper shipping to save big
  • Avoid sales tax fees with agents in selected states
  • Easy package consolidation to keep your costs low
  • Get access to tracking to help manage your U.S. mail
  • Take advantage of our low rate plans to save big
  • Easy commercial invoice creation
  • Flexible shipping schedules are available weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly
  • Transparent, fair pricing and honest rates

Maximize Your Savings

Mailbox DTD can help you reduce the costs of online U.S. purchases in several different ways. Use our innovative service to maximize your cost savings

Multiple Shipping Options

Give your customers a choice of shipping options for the professional delivery solution they expect. Our software automatically assesses orders to provide a faster, more cost-effective service.

Process Orders Fast

We guarantee to ship any orders received before the agreed cut-off time on the same day.

Complete return Process

Minimize return costs with a choice of the most effective shipping methods.

The right carrier for every order

Keep shipping costs under control with intelligent shipping optimization, through a wide choice of local, national and international carrier solutions.

Mail Forwarding for Your Business

Rent one or several American addresses using our simple interface and get your mail inspected and then forwarded to any location in the world. Use our consolidation service to decrease your shipping costs. Use our mail2email service option to read your physical letters online.

Mail Forwarding for Your Business

Improve your business and expand your customer base by shipping products directly to your global customers using our Order Fulfilment services. Buy wholesale products and supplies from U.S. retailers and wholesalers and have the items forwarded directly to you anywhere in the world.

Mail forwarding is simple.

Once your mail is delivered to your virtual U.S. address, our shipping agents will open and scan it into your online management account. You’ll get a notification that new mail is waiting, and you’ll be able to open it and read it as a PDF file.

Then it’s up to you if you’d like to forward the original letters to your address or delete them and have us destroy the originals.

When packages are delivered, the process is similar.

You’ll get an email notification and will be asked to decide whether you would like to forward the package right away or store it in our facility while you wait for other items to arrive.

Consolidating multiple purchases into one delivery can save you a lot of money in shipping costs. Which carrier you use to have the package delivered is up to you. Our options include major carriers like USPS, UPS, FedEx, and DHL.

Create a virtual business in the U.S.

You can use it to open a U.S. bank account, get a U.S. credit card, and much more. Whether you’re an individual who just loves shopping or a commercial business looking to expand your customer base, the benefits to having a real U.S. address are immense. We use real U.S. addresses, never PO boxes. They can also unpack and sort your deliveries, letting you keep your items organized and tracked. Then we’ll ship your items whenever you like. It’s easy and smart, and it saves you money.

A U.S. address is useful for many business needs:

  • Shopping from online retailers, even ones that don’t ship overseas
  • Purchasing from American wholesalers
  • Having financial statements, invoices, and credit cards sent to a real U.S. address
  • Receiving business paperwork for your international business with U.S. presence


If you don’t want mail forwarded to your physical location you, can also view your mail online through our customer portal. Our agents will securely scan your mail at one of our locations. You’ll be able to read it online as a PDF and delete it or choose to then have the mail forwarded.

You can now read and manage your correspondence as easy as you manage your email. Both U.S. residents and residents of other countries find having a U.S. mailbox beneficial. The feature-packed service bundle lets you bundle packages, read mail online, or store items.

Our services give you everything you need to be successful with a U.S. presence. You get a U.S. mailing address for paperwork and correspondence as well as packages. Our online mail management lets you access and read your U.S. mail from anywhere in the world.

Our U.S. mailboxes include several popular industry features:

  • Get packages, letters, and magazines delivered to your virtual USA address
  • Read scanned copies of your correspondence in high resolution
  • Keep up with mail online through our customer portal
  • Forward mail across the globe
  • Manage deliveries, track orders, and much more with online management
  • Speak to one of our professional customer service representatives anytime


It’s the best way we know to reduce the expensive rates of international shipping, up to 80% in some cases

Why pay for multiple packages to be shipped when you can just pay for one? At Mailbox DTD, we believe in consolidation. And we’ll handle the whole process, including the unpacking, sorting, repacking, and getting ready for delivery.

How to Consolidate in Three Steps:

  1. 01

    Shop! Use your U.S. address to have all the packages shipped to our facility

  2. 02

    Our agents will collect and securely store each of your purchases until they have all arrived

  3. 03

    The agent will verify the contents, repack all items into one delivery package, and arrange delivery with your chosen shipping service

We’ve found this is the most cost-effective way to ship products internationally. It is almost always going to cost less to ship one large package rather than several small ones.

Because of this, our services are useful even if your chosen retailer does offer delivery to your country. So if you’re making multiple purchases from the U.S., check in with us. We might actually be cheaper!

Get U.S. address and start using it for your personal shopping or business needs today!