Order Fulfillment

Delivering third party logistics and order fulfilment through a technology based, highly effective platform, Mailbox DTD delivers a proprietary software solution

Delivering third party logistics and order fulfilment through a technology based, highly effective platform, Mailbox DTD delivers a proprietary software solution that combines with our extensive fulfillment network to deliver a comprehensive order management solution for customers of all sizes. With orders being handles completely automatically, from picking through packing and shipping, your customers benefit from a consistent, quality service from every purchase.


Integrating seamlessly with all major Ecommerce platforms and solutions, including Amazon, Shopify, Walmart etc., our platform lets you easily transfer data and import orders to provide two-way data flow for improved insight and performance.

Easy movement between locations
and shipping costs reduction

Inventory can be split across our network of shipping agents to ensure strategically beneficial positioning close to your target customers. With easy movement between our locations and reduced shipping costs for shipments by reducing distances involved, you can manage your stock and overheads much more effectively.

Right delivery location to save time and money

Having inventory strategically located at multiple locations also helps with competitive two-day shipping solutions. Our system automatically identifies the most efficient shipping location to save time and money while providing the quality service your customers expect. This ability has saved some clients as much as 50% on their shipping costs, increasing profitability without penalty to customers.

Tracking solution

Our solution includes full tracking that is presented as soon as an order ships. In addition to this comprehensive order fulfilment package, we also provide a full Return Management Solution, with customers able to have their returns professionally inspected and track return progress. This in turn allows you to quickly process returns and get the back into your inventory as quickly as possible.

All inventory of shipment in one dashboard

Our software is provided without cost to all customers, and with easy connection of your Ecommerce store, seamless management of everything from inventory, orders and shipments is possible through one, clear and easy to use dashboard.

The complete fulfilment service from order to delivery

Our streamlined solution takes care of everything for you in just 4 simple steps:

Connect your Ecommerce store to our system so that we receive the products from your suppliers at one or more of our locations across the country

We manage your inventory and prepare products for shipping

Your Ecommerce store takes an order from your customer

Your order is automatically picked, packed and shipped to your US-based customer

How Our Service Works

Inventory management and shipping can be complex, and you may think fulfilment is too, but it is the exact opposite. While you focus on growing your business and building your audience, we take of the rest. Because our software offers seamless integration with your Ecommerce platform, orders are automatically imported to our system in real time.

We then pick, pack and ship directly to your customer, and we do that as quickly as possible to provide the exceptional service you want, and your retail partner demands. Completely customizable, our solution can be adapted to fit your expectations and approach, and with infinite scalability, will grow with you, providing the support you need without ever compromising your customer experience.

The system is simple:

  1. 01

    You source or manufacture a product in the United State

  2. 02

    You then ship your inventory from your supplier to us, saving costs with our discounted shipping rates

  3. 03

    Once delivered, we perform quality checks on your products for complete peace of mind

  4. 04

    All your sales channels are integrated into our software platform

  5. 05

    As orders are generated on your sales channels, they are automatically sent to us. They are picked and packed according to your specifications, including custom packing where agreed

  6. 06

    You get the best shipping rates thanks to our automated system that suggests the most efficient method for each order

  7. 07

    Your customer will automatically receive an emailed shipping notification and tracking number

  8. 08

    The package is delivered on time leaving a satisfied customer

  9. 09

    A system for returns is provided for customers to generate return labels etc.

  10. 10

    You can manage your inventory directly from within our dashboard

This comprehensive solution achieves maximum efficiency, saving time and money for every order, while also providing exceptional customer service, building long-term relationships with your audience

Order Fulfillment

Monitor and process your orders conveniently from your account. Start shipping today according to the best fulfillment standards in the industry.

Adaptable and Affordable

With vast experience in the shipping industry and a team of highly skilled professionals, we deliver an industry leading service that utilizes some of the world’s most reliable carrier solutions while providing significant cost savings on every shipment. Before each shipment, we can provide a detailed list of options available, all with large discounts, allowing you to choose a balance between price and speed that fits your business requirements. Our system automatically identifies the most cost-effective option, but you always remain in control of shipping decisions, giving confidence that your customers receive the service they expect while you can actively control costs and profitability.

Bespoke Solutions

Sometimes, you will need a task completing that is outside of our normal remit. Whether that is an inventory review, relabeling products, repackaging or other tasks that don’t fit the normal usage profile, we can help. Our shipping agents are highly trained professional teams well versed in all aspects of product handling and fulfilment, just get in touch to discuss your needs and see how we can make it happen for you.

Picking and Packing

With the capacity to fulfill anything between 1 and 100,000 orders per day, our automated fulfilment process is precise, cost effective and built to deliver all the capability you need. We never charge for services you don’t use, with Mailbox DTD, you pay for the exact number of items packed and shipped, no more, no less.

Multiple Shipping Options

Give your customers a choice of shipping options for the professional delivery solution they expect. Our software automatically assesses orders to provide a faster, more cost-effective service.

Process Orders Fast

We guarantee to ship any orders received before the agreed cut-off time on the same day.

Complete return Process

Minimize return costs with a choice of the most effective shipping methods.

The right carrier for every order

Keep shipping costs under control with intelligent shipping optimization, through a wide choice of local, national and international carrier solutions.

Expedited delivery and ground shipping

Two-day ground shipping across North America is offered through our shipping agent network.

International fulfilment

Easily service customers around the world through a unified global supply chain with just one point of contact.

Start shipping today according to the best fulfillment standards in the industry!