Returns Management

Up to 70% of Amazon customer returns can be safely sent back to your inventory for further resale. Of course only after careful inspection by one of our employees. Get your returns received by us, inspected and sent back to your inventory for further resale!

Returns don’t have to be a concern with Mailbox DTD.

You know how important your returns solution is, so why neglect your Amazon returns management processes? We have experienced reverse logistics teams available to help, positioned strategically across the United States. Our expert solutions allow for customized responses for your returns process, allowing detailed insight into aftermarket sales channels while forming effective disposition processes. In addition, our specialized professionals can help you establish a complete return management solution that integrates into your systems. Returns don’t have to be a concern with Mailbox DTD.

International market

Amazon gives merchants access to an international market through the comfort of an online shop, but it can often be difficult to manage the returns and logistics processes when the merchant in question does not operate in the country in question. This is especially awkward for non-US sellers that are tapping into the millions of people who use American Amazon shopping.

Since Amazon places so much emphasis on ensuring the satisfaction of its customers, it is imperative that sellers have plans in place to manage all returns in the United States. As such, international sellers that are selling their stock in the United States are required to have a base in America where dissatisfied customers can send their returned items to. Alternatively, sellers need to be willing to pay for the return international shipping cost for the items.


Of course, providing quality stock with great customer service will help to limit the number of returns required for an international business. However, even the best sellers will have to handle a return at some point when selling to somewhere with as many customers as America. And, for these businesses, a local USA return address is the best way to ensure fast and affordable returns services for their customers.

That is where we come in

That is where we come in. We provide international merchants with a dedicated address, based in the USA, to make sure that American customers can benefit from affordable and reliable returns for their unwanted purchases. We always ensure that each item is scanned and tracked into the inventory to make sure that our records are unparalleled; we take note of the product’s tracking number, weights, and dimensions, just to name a few of the records that we keep.

Once we have received your business’ returns, we thoroughly inspect them to make sure that they are rapidly shipped to the designated third party or to an Amazon FBA facility, as per your request. It is our goal to allow your business to maximize and optimize the business logistics, all while making sure your costs are kept to a minimum. We also never ask for up-front payments. After all, meeting Amazon’s returns policies can be difficult, but we at Mailbox DTD are here to take all of the hassle out of returns management.

Return List

Our convenient interface can help you keep track of your returns, evaluate goods condition and send them back to your inventory or dispose them for free. In order to guarantee that further resale doesn't harm your seller reputation, every returned item is professionally inspected, evaluated and photographed.

Inspection policies

All Amazon customers have the option of benefiting from the quick and easy returns policies of the business, but this can be a little difficult for international businesses. The Amazon FBA facilities help to facilitate this returns policy. However, the Amazon FBA team often discard items that it considers to be “customer damaged”, even though as many as 85% of these products are still completely sellable—and we at Mailbox DTD can help you to manage this! We photograph and document every item sent to us so that you can be completely sure that you are not losing out on sellable stock!

How do we do this, you ask?

First, we start by reducing the number of returns that your company faces by ensuring everything is labelled accurately. However, this will invariably not stop all returns, and so we offer a domestic return address to make sure your customers can enjoy the fast refunds that they expect when shopping through Amazon.

When it comes to receiving returns, our primary step is to inspect all of these items. We use this time to determine which products can be resold and which cannot; photographic evidence is provided for your satisfaction too. Any items that are sellable are quickly returned to your business’ stock so that they can be quickly sold on to another happy customer.

One of the key benefits of choosing our team to help is our stock holding abilities. We can look after your returns until there is a bulk amount of returns, thereby allowing the items to be returned to you in a single, bulk international delivery to save on costs to your business.

Registering couldn’t really be easier. Once you have signed up, you will immediately be given a USA Local Returns address so that you don’t need to waste your time.

Our goal is to help save you money, and that is why we offer a huge number of different logistics services to help y ou out. These include the following:

Inventory management and tracking, plus pick and pack services

Returns inspection and processing services, including fault analysis

Reconditioning, repackaging, restocking services, where required

Amazon FBA services, including management, logistics, labelling, repackaging, barcoding, admin, consolidation, load-building, and cross-docking

Stop losing money on customer returns.  Turn your problem into an opportunity today!